Saturday, August 26, 2017

Why I brokeup with Facebook

This is a well thought act and to be honest, it really is hard for me since this is the way I interact with my family and close friends. It all started when all I can see in my news feed is noise. Noise that is hungry of our attention. News often times faux, that is stealing our precious time. I am not really after being productive, but I am after using my time and putting more quality out of it. Our lives/time is limited, and we never know when it will end, might be soon. I’d rather spend it to make more quality memories rather than swiping up and down looking at my Facebook news feed full of noise.

Oh yes, we can definitely control what you want to see in your feed, but you can’t control what your friends will post that will surely appear in your feed. At first, to address this concern, I restricted some of my friends to limit their post’s visibility on my end. It became pointless as to why we are friends on Facebook at all. I’d rather send a personal message to that person than to see a filtered news about them.

Leaving Facebook is like having a breakup. It really is hard at first, but you will surely move on. It will set you free from something that imprisoned you for so long. It will set you free from posting and seeing posts that doesn’t matter to your life at all. Those little things that hinders you from seeing the real person behind that profile wall, will all be gone. It helped me to have more real conversation with real people.

In the end, it is still your option as to have a Facebook account and how you’ll handle your time accessing this powerful medium. As for me, I can’t see any reasons why I need to stay there and benefit from it.

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