Friday, September 23, 2016

What's in my bag?

Hello Guys!! Welcome back to my page!!

I really love watching tag videos on  Youtube. I did one recently and I swear I really enjoyed it!! hahaha!

Here is my take to the "What's in my bag" tag video.

 You will find that I am not that well organized with my bags. If you can recommend a good bag organizer just please let me know in the comments. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed filming this.

Till next!

Schelle Cee

Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 2016 favorites

Wow! This would be the first time I’ll be doing this favorites article. Personally it is a good idea to document it for me to have a list of the products that worked for me and the reasons why it did.
I have a few favorite products this August and here they are.

I’ve been loving this Verdon Keratin hair spa with Argan oil, though I am not really sure if it really has Argan oil or just the scent but the heck I care! As long as it is working well for me then I am good with it. You all know that my hair is digitally permed and this product is doing its job in moisturizing it and making it manageable and soft.

The Monea curl defining milk is a hair styling product that is not oily or sticky and just leaves your curly hair more defined and not ‘buhaghag’. It is also not weighing down my hair and will still make your hair bouncy and a good volume. Man I tell you this really defines my curls!  Also, a plus for this product is that it’s really affordable at Php99 for 200ml.

The best toothpaste so far in protecting my sensitive teeth is the Sensodyne repair and protect. I just magically makes my teeth less sensitive. I recently had my 13 teeth filled making it more sensitive and prone to pain when drinking or eating cold and hot foods. Using this toothpaste just gives it an extra protection helping me to enjoy eating.

I can't think of any oil that is not sticky and quickly absorbed by the skin that Bio Oil. Instead of applying night cream, I am putting it on my face instead. It really hydrates my skin. The effect would be softer and hydrated skin the next morning. While applying it on my face I do massage it a little to relax my self. No harsh scent that will linger, just the light feeling and relaxed skin.

What's not to love about the Dewytree Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream? This product is really hydrating and keeps my face supple soft. Oh how I love to touch my skin after it settled on my face. I got this one for free when I bought lippies at Beauty MNL. I would love to buy the full size!

This is a repurchase, and I am not really sure why I tend to gravitate to this product even if it's a little pricey. The Bioderma Sensibio H2O helps keep my skin squeaky clean. Plus on those lazy days when you just want to sleep after a long day, just saturate a cotton ball and cleanse your face with this product. I never had a breakout with this, it also doesn't sting, and the most important is this product is very good for sensitive skin like mine.

With Maybelline Fashion Brow 3D brow and nose palette, I can now make my brows as if it is done by a pro! Seriously easy to use! I love that feeling of achievement,eyebrows on fleek  haha!

Since the previous eyebrow product is on dark brown I will need to tone it down to match my hair color. For that, I am loving the Maybelline 24hrs Color Matcher in yellow brown. This is the perfect color match for my ash colored hair.

Schwing from The Balm is the blackest black liquid eye liner that I can find. Unlike other jet black eye liner, this one has a matte finish, I just love how it looks. the only downside of this product is that it sets really fast so you will need to work double time with it.

The lippies! Oh the lippies. This gave me a really hard time on deciding which is which and since I am into nudes lately. What else do you expect! So much surprised that I can find this kind of liquid lippy in such great price and quality.It is the Jazzy France Lustrous Lip gloss, though I am not so sure why they put gloss on the name because I am sure that this product have 0 gloss in it. I am not disappointed with it though. In fact I am wowed with this product. It is really comparable with those high end liquid lipsticks.

The other lipstick product is the Fashion 21 All day bronze. Boy oh boy I am so in love with it! I so love it that I am so willing to make a review bout it. The color is really gorgeous, so wearable, and beyond perfect nude shade!

Last but not the least is my brows! How can I almost forget that! I grew it all out until its all bushy and not so pretty. I am aiming to have a straighter brow and let the professional do the job. Where else to go to have your brows groomed but to The Browhaus. I visit their branch in SM Megamall. I am so satisfied with the outcome! I just need to grow some more  because of the sparse are caused by over plucking hehe! Ooops! sorry brows. I do not have a picture of my brows though, but you can watch my August favorites 2016 video below and see my brows in action lol!

Till next!