Monday, March 7, 2016

Max's 1st month

Yehey! It is Max's first month!

He's packing up lots of fat, loves to stare outside the window, and smiles a lot while sleeping. He is so demanding and want mommy's milk all the time!

Got the idea from this blog

He is mix fed. 4oz of formula milk a day and the rest is mommy's milk. There are days when my breast milk is enough for him and there are days that it's not. I am expressing milk every two hours and I am able to express 4 to 6 oz per session. Max is feeding on demand, meaning, we will only feed him whenever he wishes to. I have a little stash of milk in the fridge that will sustain him for 2 days.

First time he smiled at me while talking to this little cute bun.

Max also loves to take a bath, he enjoys it a lot. At first he hates bath time, good thing my mom was here to the rescue! She taught me how to bath infants and the next time I bathed Max, I was so surprised because the crying was replaced with complete happiness. He is so happy and enjoys every bathing session.

Daddy's kisses

Our little man also wants to nap all the time. At day time, he will nap most of the time and will just wake to feed. Same thing goes at night. We are co-sleeping him by the way. He loves to be held while sleeping at night. He is most comfortable sleeping between me and my husband, and my breasts are his pacifier.

I love to sniff his hair ALL THE TIME!
I am so gigil!
two-week old Max on his crying spree! lol! :)

I love sniffing his hair, breastfeeding him, and simply staring at him. My husband loves to cuddle him, sing songs to him until he falls asleep, reading him children's story, and talking to him. Whenever the husband arrives home from work, he always wants to kiss our little one to the point that even if he is sleeping, he will wake him up and play with our little bundle of joy.

We simply love to watch him while he grows.


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