Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Departure

She is standing in front of me as we ride the train to the airport. I can feel her worrying about the time as she gazes on the things around her. I can see my future in her, fat and beautiful. I told myself as I watch her that I want to have the wisdom she gained through her fruitful years. This is exactly the woman I want to be 20 or so years from now. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

December with the sister

Guess what! My sister went here in Singapore to spend Christmas and New Year with me. Yeepee!! I fetched her at the airport. I am a happy girl! :)

The Arrival
First time to ride the SG MRT

Bus ride home

Then we went home and I slept for two hours as I am on the night shift.

Then we went to Bugis to do some grocery shopping.

Then there is the Manila Street
Busy Bugis

Then she met this gigantic cat

Tried the Singapore beehoon and 'Koi' 

It's time to go home. I'ts time for me to go to work.