Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pandora update

It's been ages since I last blogged about what's on my Pandora bracelet. I am so overjoyed and a bit surprised that I was able to fill my bracelet very quickly. Many thanks to my Mom who made it possible. During her visit here she bought me some charms as birthday gifts hehehe! Here it is.....

All my charms have a significant meaning, so lets get a little personal here.
The camera charm represents my love for photography. The Key-to-my-heart charm represents my hubby. The Pavé ball charm represents my love for shiny things, hehehehe! Cup cake charm for my sweet tooth. The starry night clip represents my sister. It was a moment to remember, that one starry night when we watched the meteor shower and we lay on our rooftop watching, counting the shooting stars, wishing countless wishes, and talking about nothing. Also, simply because my sister is a super star! The two golden-dew spacers are to just add colors to my bracelet as I am trying to build a two tone theme. These spacers are perfect for making the gold pop out without hurting your pocket. The royal-baby-carriage charm represents my youngest son. The clover fields charm represents my husband. Just like in the clover fields, you're lucky if you'll find a four leaf clover. I am not just lucky, I am blessed to have found him. The faith-hope-love charm is in the center of my bracelet to represent God. He is in the center of my family, my life, and my everything. The R charm is for my elder son, that is his initial. The apple charm is given by my husband, simply because I am the apple of his eyes. The Pavé heart clip represents my brother, he might appear to be tough but the truth is, he have such a big and kind heart. The family charm represents my father, he is such a family man, he devoted his life to us and almost all of his time is dedicated to us. L'amour charm is for my mother, her name is Amour and that charm perfectly says what my mother is. Love, written in six languages, that whatever language you may speak, my mother will always speak of love. The mother-son charm is for me and my sons, between those is the bible charm. Lastly I have the Dreamer safety chain, because I am such a dreamer. 

I enjoy reading blogs about "what's on your Pandora bracelet" and I hope you enjoyed reading mine too. Till next ! :)

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