Sunday, September 22, 2013

My wedding vow

I am a girl that is plagued by insecurities, I have troubles believing in myself. So you can imagine it was a hard adjustment when God brought you into my life.  You see the best in me. When I think I'm, insufficient, you think I'm over qualified. When I feel timid, you see me as courageous.  And when I feel trapped by my past mistakes, you always point me to the redeeming power of Christ.  You offered  me love like I've never experienced before, love that I didn't have to earn, unconditional love, and through that unconditional love you unlocked my heart to the unconditional love that God has for me. So today the best vow that I can make to you, is to work everyday to be that miracle in your life. I promise to be the person who always seeks to see you and love you as God sees you and loves you, unconditionally and without end. I promise to strive to be the voice reminding you of all that God has made you and all that you are capable of. You are beautiful beyond belief. Talented beyond comprehension, and more loving than anyone else I've ever met. You are limitless in God. Everyday is a choice, a choice that we make to love one another, and a choice to never give up on our love. Everyday we make a covenant based on complete trust that is unbreakable, unconditional, and completely good for life. I love you, because I will always choose to love you from now until my last day on earth.