Sunday, March 10, 2013

Focus like a laser

Like a laser beam, when the light is focused to a specific point it is so focused it will be able to cut the hardest material in the world. Same thing with your life, if you focus on your ambition/goals, you will definitely achieve it in no time.

There was a time in my life that I am out of focus and I had a blurry vision of my ambition and my goals. I really didn’t know where I’m heading. I am so lost to the point that I cannot see a bright future ahead of my life. I told myself “this should have an end, and I need to focus on what should be done”. It took me years and years to change, and focusing on my goal, together with lots of prayer really helped.

Sometimes we tend to focus on our addiction and not on our ambition. I admit I am an attention seeker, I am addicted to it, but then I realize that I am seeking attention to the wrong person. Sometimes we do foolish exchange for something that will give us temporary happiness. Sometimes we act like Esau.

Declare blessings in your life everyday

Here are powerful proclamations to say everyday. (from Bo Sanchez' letter) Believe me, it really works! :)

taken at Wawa dam. Rodriguez Rizal

1. Bless Your Entire Life:

I’m God’s beloved and it is His great happiness to bless me. I’m anointed by God to serve and bless the world. God’s river of blessings is flowing to me at every moment of my life. Everything I need comes to me. I’m a blessing magnet. I’m guided by God at every moment.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

10 things parents shouldn't say to their kids

I've read an article that taught me what to say to my children and guided me to only use the kindest, motivational, and positive words. From a child and a student’s perspective, here are 10 things that parents should never say:

1. “You’re useless” or “You’re a failure”

It’s shocking how many parents say this to their children in a fit of anger.

This is the type of phrase that can scar children deeply, and can make them doubt their worth as a human being.